Why I do what I do

I will never forget the time a client texted me from the washroom on her date telling me how she felt like a million bucks for the first time ever. I am driven by the desire to help people find their style confidence, a confidence that I believe spills over into other areas of their life.

What sets me apart

I love access to different ways of shopping. I appreciate that I can find a pair of pants on South Granville, a belt on Net a Porter and shoes directly from a designer’s website. I enjoy the search itself and have the ability to pivot quickly to pull together an outfit from a variety of cultivated sources.

My fashion inspiration

Definitely my mum! My mum loves clothes and is always put together no matter what the occasion. Growing up, she always had the latest issue of W magazine around the house. She taught me to always consider how an individual piece will be incorporated into an overall outfit before making a purchase. I use this as a guiding principle with all my clients.

My favourite place to shop

I lived in Paris for more than 15 years and ran shopping tours throughout the city, the 6th arrondissement being my favourite. I just love meandering the streets of this quaint Parisian neighbourhood filled with my favourite boutiques. Locally, I love Rebecca Bree for a refined and relaxed shopping experience.